Writing update (CampNaNo 2019 – July)

Eeepp! As of the last minute I have officially finished my 2nd draft of Beneath the mask!! Squeals!!

Of course it’s far from perfect, but there’s no other feeling that’s better than setting your mind to complete something and after 20 days of hard work, finishing it!

Screenshot 2019-07-20 at 6.20.24 PM.png

Here are my stats! You can really see on some days I really just powered through!

I haven’t gotten the certificate yet as I think I might be too early? (I’m not too sure haha)

But this rewrite was definitely more fun! I definitely was moved to tears, the first draft had me tearing and this version had me all out crying while writing an important letter scene at the end of the book.

It was fun to write the characters after I had given them more backstory and emotions, my favourite to write was both Kalena and Rien, Rien especially since he always had interesting things to say.


I haven’t read much this month since I was busy writing and watching shows, but now that I have more time, I will definitely try to catch up on my reading, but thankfully my deadlines aren’t that tight because I still haven’t borrowed any library books.

I’m feeling happy and weird at the same time, but I never get sick of this feeling.


How are you guys doing if you took part in CampNaNo? Are you reaching your goal or have you reached it? Let me know!

Writing update

Hello my lovely friends and fellow bookworms!

I’ve been missing in action a ton because I’ve started to fully focus on writing. Aside from that, I’ve been reading a ton and forgetting to write reviews (there is a long list I need to tackle really soon).

As of just now, I just finished rewriting the second draft of my first WIP that I actually completed, Lunar Eclipse! Now I’ve changed the title to Descend the Night!

Screenshot 2019-06-01 at 6.46.05 PM.png

I’ll probably have a week to write my reviews and read more and try to post more on my blog before I return to research to prepare for the next CampNaNo happening in July!

Usually I get my story ideas from my dreams (thanks to my anxiety), but Descend the night was the exception. I’ve never dreamed about this story and it has changed so much from the 1st draft, Lunar Eclipse that they are literally separate entities.

Lunar Eclipse lacked a lot of things, but most importantly, a solid story and my culture, but in Descend the Night, I added both in.

Here is the official synopsis for now and the tagline!

Tagline: When night falls, they come to play.

Synopsis: Roscelia is the adopted daughter and sole heir to the House of Winter, despite being a Jiangshi, her parents want her to marry her childhood friend and vampire, Luca. But when artefacts go missing and murders start to threaten their streets, Roscelia has to team up with her guardian Kitsune, Shiki, Zeke, a Weretiger and her Coven to find the cause. This leads them to discovering a sinister plan to call upon a god for one wish.


And here is a short excerpt from my writing the past few weeks!

“Would it be so bad, Rose?” He swallowed loudly, “To be married to me for the rest of your life?”

“We’re talking about an eternity here, Luca. Not like how humans trade their vows with expiration dates.”

“Can’t you do it, not for your parents, but for me?” Luca curled a finger under my chin, using one of his arms to support his body as he stared down at me.

“If I have to do anything, I’ll do it for myself, Luca. You know me better than that.”

“But behind your facade of acting tough, you’ll do anything for your friends too, Rose.”

I grabbed his wrist, scraping my long nails against his tender skin, “Then things must be worth my effort. You can make anyone do anything with the proper motivation.”

“Then tell me what I have to do to motivate you properly, Rose?” Luca lowered his mouth close to mine, his soft lips brushing against my lower lip.

“A girl doesn’t ask for much, Luca. Just to be loved as she deserves.”

He smiled as his fang tugged against my lip, “Haven’t I loved you enough, Rose?”

“Not nearly enough.”

I’ll be back here soon and I can’t wait to reconnect with everyone! Also, leave a comment down below if you would like to be a beta reader! (I have no idea how to do this!)

CampNaNo 2019 (April)

Hello guys!

I know I’ve been missing in action this month but we’ve hit the big 600 followers!

I’ve been busy working on my CampNaNo and I just finished my 2nd draft of SIREN SONG!!! I’m so happy and relieved but also feel kind of empty now and miss my characters haha.

Here are my stats!Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 5.33.02 PM.png

Camp NaNo April 2019

Week 1

1/4 – (chap 1) 3,650 (+3,650) – wrote after dinner & felt that I wrote faster & better, pretty consistent

2/4 -(chap 2) 5,895(+2,284)

3/4 -(chap 3) 9,475 (+3,580)

4/4 -(chap 4) 12,730 (+3,255)

5/4 – (chap 5) 14,604 (+1,872) – Wrote a lot today as I had moved around the events to make it faster paced, this is the inciting incident that pushes the story to act 2 and it was so fun to write because the characters had more character now.

6/4 -(chap 6, 7 & 8) 20,025 (+5421) – Wrote a LOT today and will take a break and write tomorrow night!

7/4 – (chap 9) – 22,921 (+2,896)

Week 2

8/4 – (chap 10) -25,138 (+2,217)

9/4 – (chap 11) -27,951 (+2,813)

10/4 – (12) – 30,760 (+2,809)

11/4 – (13) – 32,835 (+2,065)

12/4 – (14 &15) – 37,767 (+4,932)

13/4 – (16) 41,044 (+3,277)

14/4 – (17) 42,768 (+1,724)

Week 3

15/4 (18) 45,007 (+2,239)

16/4 (19) 48,162 (+3,155)

17/4 (20) 51,675 (+3,513)

18/4 (21 +22) 56,047(+4,372)

19/4 (23 + 24) 60,322 (4,275)

20/4 (25 + 26) 65,024 (+4,702)

21/4 (27) 67,506 (2,482)

Week 4

22/4 – sick

23/4 (28) 70,103 (+2,597)


As you can see, I was supposed to finish yesterday, but I discovered a lymph node and went to the doctor yesterday and discovered it was an infection. I have been taking medication since yesterday and my left shoulder hurts so bad I couldn’t sleep properly if I didn’t use a neck pillow to help.

But I pushed through today and finished it!! Yay! (My shoulder still hurts, but not as bad and I’m still using the pillow haha). The back of my legs hurt a ton as well.

I will be going to watch Endgame tomorrow as my dad has free tickets, but I have to meet my brother there and head out all the way there by myself (please pray for my anxiety).

I won’t review it as I don’t want to spoil it and it has been ages since I watched a movie without reviewing it and just for tomorrow, I want to watch it as an audience member, I’m sure I will definitely cry.

NaNoWriMo 2018 – Part 4 (Finale)

Guys, I hit 75k words! I know I should be ecstatic and partying like crazy, but I’m so sick I don’t even have the energy for this T.T

Week 4
(19/11) -chap 22 -55,829 (+2,556) Got a little stuck, but thought of the worst thing that could happen now and added that in!

(20/11) chap 23 -58,424 (+2,592) First a little stuck, but the scene became really fun to write because we’re at the climax of the story 

(21/11) – chap 24- 61,121 (+2,700) AHHH they have met, I repeat, they have met! (I waited 2 months for this to happen and was so excited that it did!)

(22/11) – chap 25 – 63,643 (+2,521) They work together pretty interestingly and I wanted them to meet earlier AHHH, but I was surprised at their hostile chemistry and how they both found each other fascinating.

(23/11) -chap 26 ,27-66,181 (+2,540 +2,533) Took a little while to get this chapter down *SICKKKK

(24/11) -chap 28  -70,780 (+2,065) Fever since the night before but by afternoon was okay to write.

(25/11)- chap 29 – 72, 848 (+2,068) Throat was horrible so I barely wrote.

Week 5

(26/11) – chap 30 -74, 156 (+1,308) Sick AF, barely wrote *Supposed to finish on this day, but the sickness is killing me

(27/11) -chap 30 -75,104 (+990) Literally teared up that I finished! Although I wasn’t a fan of how the ending turned out, at least the first draft is finished and I’m done! It’s been extremely though the past 3 days and honestly I’m glad it’s over and now I can focus on recuperating because I feel horrible AF

Honestly, I feel horrible, I’ve been living off half portions of food and barely have any appetite T.T I’ve been eating porridge, bananas and soup and tons of water, but my throat still hurts every time I swallow so it really sucks 😦 I was definitely supposed to write more for this update but this sickness has me feeling really bad! 

Don’t forget to join my giveaway and once I’m fully recovered, I promise I will do some blog hopping to spread some more love!

Are you done with NaNoWriMo? How did you do? Let me know in the comments down below!

NaNoWriMo 2018 – November (Part 3)

Hey guys, it’s the end of week 3 of NaNoWriMo, how are you doing so far? We’re so close to the end so keep up the awesome work and don’t give up!

I just finished hitting my daily goal since I’ve adjusted my usual writing schedule since I realised I actually write better at night! (I start at like 10pm on the previous day and write until 1-2am for the actual day’s count!)

Here are my stats for this week!

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 1.16.37 AM.png

(12/11) – chap 14 – 35,794 (+2,526) I literally wrote a scene where Kyllan (my deuteragonist) was scolding a cadet that was giving attitude while shadowing him and was having so much fun being sassy and scolding his ass off.

(13/11) -chap 15 – 38,300 (+2,506) Officially halfway through the book! Eek! Heading to a book sale tomorrow! (I ended up with only one book and a colouring book!)

(14/11) -chap 16 – 40,951 (+2,651) Writer’s block, but I looked through things that could be elaborated on and managed to get this chapter done!

(15/11) – chap 17 – 43,172 (+2,221)

(16/11) – chap 18 – 45,710 (+2,538)

(17/11) – chap 19, 20 – 50,738 (+2,729 + 2,299) *A personal double up day and  finished in one shot! Usually one at previous day night and other follow day after sleep, but my brother hadn’t slept yet so I accompanied him and just got writing done!

(18/11) – chap 21 – 53,373 (+2,535) Teared up & felt so angry for Mei! (Today’s scene) Wrote pretty fast since I managed to get into the mood for the scene, the anger and things slowly hitting the climax!

I can’t wait to hit the climax but I’m also sad that I’m 9 chapters away from the end of this book! I also noticed some errors that I have taken note for future drafts (If I ever return to edit them lol)

Hmm, I don’t have anything nice this week, so I’ll share a quote from the chapter I just wrote:

On most days, my demons and monsters raged the war within me. But today, it was him.

And I’ll drop a pronunciation guide that I developed along the way while writing the story ever since I questioned my brother on how to pronounce Xiel (Kyllan’s best friend)’s name and I was the author and I didn’t know how to pronounce the name XD

Mei = Meh-e (pronounce quickly)

Kyllan = Ki-llan

Sylla = Si-lah

Xiel = C-elle

Okay, so here’s me signing off! Good luck for all you taking part! Don’t forget to check out my giveaway over at http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/7996e9f32/?, it’s international and ends on 30th november! It’s the last lap before NaNoWriMo is over, so keep pushing on even if you spot any mistakes or logic flaws! Get the first draft done and worry about everything else later!