Food review: Well Dressed Salad Bar (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Well dressed salad bar

Where: 282 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058831

My rating: 4/5 stars!

So I’m not Vegan (I’m pescatarian but I am aiming to be eventually)! But me and my mum are slowly going around Singapore to check out Vegetarian/Vegan food!

I spotted this place from someone’s vlog and felt that it looked really appetising, also me and my mum were in the area, so we decided to check it out!

We got the Afternoon Tea time special, my mum got the Tofu Pita with fizzy sweet lime soda (for $9.90) while I got Nachos, fizzy Passionfruit and Vaffles (Vegan waffles) for $12.90.


(Excuse my bad photo, if I were good at food photos I would be a food blogger instead, HAHA)


Here is the Truffle ham & tofu scramble pita, it tasted similar to an egg mayo sandwich and was pretty good!


The nachos were really good! My mum found both a little salty, but I personally like salty food so it fitted my tastebuds perfectly.


Here are my Vaffles with Gula melaka sauce.

My mum and I found it a bit bitter (I’m not sure if they used tapioca to make the batter and that was why it was bitter). So I would recommend getting it with an even sweeter sauce like chocolate or fruit jam!

I gave the shop a 4 out of 5 stars as I actually liked this so much more better than Veganburg as this one tastes more Earthy (which I prefer). I would definitely eat here again if I’m in the area.

Food Review: VeganBurg (3.5 stars)

Well, just a little background about me, I grew up mainly with a pescatarian diet, nibbling a little on meat (maybe once in 2 weeks or a month) before stopping it ever since I hit 18 (I’m 22 now). I’ve always wanted to become vegetarian, or even better, vegan, but it’s really difficult to become vegetarian, much less vegan in my country since the prices of vegetables and meat are almost similar. Most of the ingredients needed for awesome vegan food are insane over here so I usually just stick to vegetables and mushrooms.

Also, there aren’t a ton of places that cater to vegetarians or vegans. But when I can, I definitely try not to eat too much seafood and try to stay as vegetarian as possible!

So me and my mum finally checked out VeganBurg at Singapore’s only outlet over at 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502.

I’ve always wanted to visit it after reading and researching about the place for having vegan burgers, and so me and my mum finally paid a visit today before heading to the library!

So we reached the shop at around 1pm, it was pretty full, but not that full until we couldn’t get a seat.


The ambience was not bad, music was mainly pop songs and the noise was actually drowned out by the music, but my mum did find the music a little loud, but I was okay with it.

My mum spent around 10 mins to wait to order ( but it might have taken slightly longer because there was only one counter and it was lunch time, with 3 people in front of her), but the cashier was definitely friendly and nice, smiling and questioning with a bright smile on her face.



So on the top of the picture, my mum got the Char-Grilled Satay burger + seaweed fries + ginger lemonade

I was pretty shocked at her burger since it was definitely how I imagined meat to taste like (FYI, the most meaty thing I ate was like McChicken from McDonalds a few times, other than that, I have never had a meat burger, I always went for the fish instead). The seaweed fries were a little on the salty side (but I love salty stuff) and found it really good since it was thick and crispy. For the Ginger Lemonade, I am definitely not a fan of ginger, but the lemonade masked it really well!


At the bottom of the photo was what I got, Creamy shrooms burger + broccoli + orange juice

I wasn’t a big fan of the over-shroominess of the sauce, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE mushrooms, but I did feel that the sauce did make it a little too overpowering but I was okay with the patty. The broccoli was lightly seasoned with salt and lemon juice and it was really refreshing and it tasted really good dipped with the chilli sauce. The orange juice was really tangy and sour, which I really liked.


I loved that they also reduced wastage by only giving straws when asked and you could take as many napkins as you only needed.

We waited about 15-20 minutes for the preparation of the food.

My overall rating would be 3.5 stars, I would come back if I were in the area, but not specifically drive or come over to this place just to get the burgers.

For me, if I really turn vegan, I would want to eat food that authentically tasted like vegetables. Because for me, I actually like the taste of vegetables, but not meat. So if I ever turn vegan, I would rather eat a patty that tasted like vegetables since I would probably know what I was eating.

I think for this case, it wasn’t that the food was bad, but my personal preference since that burgers over at VeganBurg were a little too ‘meaty’ tasting for me. But I think it would be great for long time meat eaters who want to try out veganism or to slowly try to transition into a vegan.

Food Review: ‘The Boneless Kitchen’ in Singapore – 3.5 stars

My first ever food review, yay! I’m not a big foodie since I actually don’t eat a lot and I probably won’t do food reviews very regularly, but here’s there’s a first for everything!

So for my birthday dinner (my birthday is tomorrow, 2nd july), but we ate it yesterday on the 30th June and I’ve been too busy with going out and CampNaNo to finally sit down and write this! Anyway, here’s the review!

The Boneless Kitchen serves 100% vegetarian korean cuisine!


The location of the restaurant is at 1 Irving Place #01-31, The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546. Since me and my family went at dinner time, it was pretty dark and deep inside the factory area, which meant that it was pretty deserted.

But to our surprise, there were a lot of people in the shop and luckily for us, we booked a spot in advance since it was a saturday night.

I ordered the Jajangmyeon (Black bean noodles, picture 1) and the rest of my family ordered the Soondubu Jigae (tofu stew, picture 3). We also ordered a few side dishes like tteobboki (Spicy rice cakes) and kimchi pancakes (picture 2).

The food was overall quite okay, but I’ve tasted better korean food, but since this was a vegetarian option, I was actually pretty satisfied. I actually wished that the Jajangmyeon was more salty and had lesser potatoes. The tteobboki was nice and spicy, but the rest of the side dishes weren’t very memorable.

What I wasn’t a fan of was the ambience in the restaurant. Since it was a small place, it was pretty echo-y and difficult to hear my family members at the table.


We also took away a Kimbap, which I actually really enjoyed, but the mock meat inside tasted too much like meat to me, but other than that, it was actually really nice.IMG_3894.JPG


My overall rating would be 3.5 out of 5 stars and I would actually go back again! Just not with my family since they all ate the same thing and I wanted to sample more of the different Korean foods they had to offer.

Geylang Bazzar 2018 & Cat Cafe experience

Hello guys! Recently, I ran a poll on my twitter about whether I should blog about my experience at the Geylang Bazzar and going to a Cat Cafe for the first time and the votes came back positively, so I’m just going to jump right into it.


24 may (Thursday) – Geylang Serai Bazzar

Me and my mum went to the famous Geylang Serai Bazzar that everyone has been raving about at around 3pm and unfortunately, it was EXTREMELY hot and most of the stall weren’t open since it was a ‘night market’. At least due to the heat, there weren’t many people there and we could walk around more freely.

The bazzar has been raved upon for a few years now and it’s in preparation for the Muslim festival, Hari Raya, their version of celebrating the new year! They will fast from dawn till dusk for a month and will celebrate it at the end of the month, similar to the Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately, we only bought a drink since the foods were REALLY expensive.


(I apologize if the photos are really dark, I was lugging around a trolley filled with books so I couldn’t take many photos)

We bough an Anchan Strawberry (A4) from Yummers



Unfortunately, we both weren’t a big fan as the taste of the strawberry was pretty artificial and they added a ton of ice to a $4 drink.

There were a ton of shops in long stretches and sold tons of food, snacks, rugs, curtains and clothes for the muslim Hari Raya festival. I even spotted green packets that were creatively designed, unlike Chinese New Year. (They had Anna and Elsa from Frozen in Hijabs! That was creative and cute!)

We didn’t get to try any of the foods since the stalls were really expensive but we did get to watch some of them. We spotted the raclette cheese at work as well!



25 may (Friday)

Me and my best friend went to the cat cafe and stopped for lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant named Jinjja Chicken (I think it translates to: real chicken).


My friend grabbed a Chicken Bibimbap while I got a Tofu bibimsalad (Yay for vegetarian options!) and it tasted pretty good! There was a little too much sauce for my taste, but it was tangy, refreshing and made me feel really clean! My friend got the seaweed fries while I took the seasalt fries and both of them were just ok.


After that, we headed to the cat cafe and I think it was both our first times at a cat cafe.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of cats ever since I got scared by one when I was schooling, I was so scared that I had tears in my eyes and after that I never really seemed to like them at all. So going to the cat cafe was kind of a big deal since I wasn’t a big fan of cats and I hoped that the cafe would change my mind.


There were quite a lot of people since it’s the school holidays and there were about 10-14 cats loitering around the area. Both me and my best friend paid $15 for entry (that included a free drink and there is no time limit as to how long you can stay there!)

This black and white cat, named Oreo (if I’m not wrong), was really nice and stoic. It let us pat him as it slowly fell asleep.


All was well until we petted another cat that was pretty shy, but she let us pet her for a good 10-20 minutes until she bit me 😭. I’ve googled online and they say that it could be out of love or affection, but the bite didn’t feel playful at all. Luckily, once I felt the teeth scrape against my hand I immediately pulled back and escaped with two tiny puncture wounds.

Unfortunately for me, I definitely dislike cats even more now. (Sorry, cat lovers).

My friend and I went to the national library after that and I brought home 5 books. Going to the library was something I desperately needed after that bite and I found Renegades by Marissa Meyer! She’s my favourite author and I was sure that my local library was refusing to bring it in since I never saw it anywhere on their system that they would, so I was elated! Managing to find Renegades really brightened my day.

Well, so here is the end of the post! In a nutshell, I do feel that the bazzar is kinda over-hyped, if the foods were slightly cheaper ($4-5) I would have tried a few of the good ones. The cat cafe is actually a great idea if you love cats or love interacting with them or even as a date place! It had a nice atmosphere and I guess I was just unlucky with cats.

Thanks for staying till the end of the post!