Anime Review: Idolish7 (3.5 stars)

Idolish7 (3.5 stars)


Genre: Shoujo, Music

Number of episodes: 17 (Completed)

Rating: 3.5 stars


Tsumugi is a new manager going to handle an idol group that is still working on trying to debut and she is the daughter of the President of a production group.

Okay, initially I thought it was going to be a reverse harem, but it’s not actually, there’s no romance and it focuses more on family and friendship. But all the boys are such cutie pies though. My favourites have to be Riku and Sogo.

Can I still say I’m not a fan of the 3D way that characters dance (I see this very often in idol anime) but generally I would prefer 2D dancing or no dancing at all.

I think it gives a really good inside to the life of idols and each and every single character. I think its very interesting that we see the relationships and friendships between the idols in their groups and how malicious gossip and things that happen influences everything.

I think it was pretty good.There is a prequel one called Idolish7 Vibrato which focuses on TRIGGER, but I’m not going to watch it lol. I heard that a second season has been announced and I would actually love to continue watching it.

Have you watched this anime before? Let me know some of your favourite anime in the comments down below!

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