Book review: The truth about Happily Ever after by Karole Cozzo (3 stars)

“Chin up, Princess, or the crown slips.”


The truth about Happily Ever after by Karole Cozzo

Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary

Rating: 3/5 stars


(DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my opinion only.)

Alyssa’s life was perfect, working as Cinderella at her favourite theme park, a great group of friends and her boyfriend who will no longer be long distance. But as summer goes on, everything seems to fall apart. With the help of her friend MIller, she tries to get her life back and maybe find something more real.

From the start I definitely saw a lot of red flags from Jake, he just acts like he still cares and wants to try. I kinda predicted what would happen (and what had happened).

I really understand that Alyssa wanted to be happy for Jake, but it was tearing her apart as well. I did feel that Alyssa was too much into dreamland though, but as a hopeless romantic, I really understand that too. She planned a future for her and Jake (I REALLY emphatised with this)and yet the Jake was like ‘I didn’t think it would last’.

Miller on the other hand, was such a sweetheart towards Alyssa and gave her a more realistic and tough love. But I wasn’t such a big fan of Alyssa and felt that the story progression was okay.

But I would definitely recommend this for fans of HEAs and romance!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts and opinions? Leave a comment down below! 🙂

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Ushering the New Year + 2019’s Resolutions

Well, I awoke to another horrible nightmare & I’ve been having them for 3 days straight (I heard that having anxiety contributes to this). In short, it was a weird nightmare about some people from my past and there was an infection going around that turned humans into cannibals & we were all trapped in the last building that was safe and the infected infiltrated the building. (Yes, I have these types of dreams VERY often) So I awoke with a sidetracked mind.

Not to mention, I was dreading the family dinner this evening since my relatives would definitely ask questions about work and relationships (both that I do not have), but work is definitely more of my mental health not being okay. (And this is difficult to even explain since in Asian families, they do not even think about it and categorise mental illness as being ‘crazy’.) And since both my cousins are furthering their education, I always feel that it’s unfair, because I wasn’t given that chance to and the only choice was to get a private education, but it required for me to work (which my mental health really can’t cope with right now) and my parents would never allow me to study overseas unlike my cousin.

So my violin class went as usual, but I was off-key (by half a tone) and didn’t meet the requirement made by my teacher to play the song smoothly, I usually get really affected and beat myself up about it, but having consecutive nightmares made me really tired and fearful, since the nightmares have always been vivid.

The rest of the day went about as a rush as I couldn’t complete a book in time and was fearful to start Lord of Shadows (because Lady Midnight broke me) and I was daunted by the sheer number of pages & the size of the book.

So the dinner finally came around and I managed to conceal my tiredness with lipstick & concealer, finally feeling better about myself after a recent bad acne outbreak on my face (again). I mainly just focused on eating and avoided any questions.

It actually didn’t go too badly, it actually went better than I expected. I was glad that one of my aunts remembered I was vegetarian while the other remembered that I book blogged (she also mouthed to ask me whether I had a job and I shook my head, but I was glad she didn’t ask it aloud). The 2nd aunt and I even had a little conversation about what I do for my book blog (which I was glad to talk about), but I wasn’t able to talk about my writing since I don’t anyone even knows I like writing? (which surprises me a ton LOL, I mean books and writing are the only things I talk about!)

I was dreading family dinners a lot since the previous year, the same 2nd aunt asked me about my relationship and I mentioned my ex (which I NEVER talked about in front of my family, even during and after the relationship, because my family was kinda like that, we just didn’t share things like that with each other. I also knew my parents were disappointed that I never really told them and they found out through other means. But I also had no idea how to tell them, and when they found out, my mum made it such a big deal that she told it to my teacher (in secondary school) who talked to me and her words were literally for me to break up with him to focus on my studies? Let’s just say in the end, I was the one who was victorious though, I might talk about this in another storytime post!) Also, they only consoled me when I was crying over the breakup, but had no idea what the relationship was like, and they didn’t seem to care either. And after that, the whole thing was NEVER talked about again, that’s why I always talk about Fish (that’s what I call him now) to my best friend, since she kinda knew him too.


Yup, so sappy stories aside (I’m tired AF, but wanted to write this post to get things off my chest).


Here are my 2019 Resolutions!

  • Edit first draft of Lunar Eclipse & Siren Song, Beneath the mask, Prominence and upload to Swoon Reads/ query/ self-publish (I’ve actually finally done my first re-read for Siren Song and will get back to editing the story once the new year starts!)
  • Get to violin unofficial ‘grade 5’ (Currently at 4, but my progress seems really slow)
  • Get 600 followers on the blog (Currently at 430+! Hoping to grow a lot more!)
  • 700 followers on Twitter & Instagram (Both at 600+ followers right now! I’m actually thinking about starting BookTube too! But I’m terribly afraid of looking into the camera, unless I’m not wearing my spectacles.)
  • Reading Goal: 100 books (in 2018 it was 60 books and honestly, I knocked it out of the park with 390 books)


What are you 2019 goals and how are you celebrating the last days of 2018? Let me know in the comments down below!

Book review: War Storm (Red Queen #4) by Victoria Aveyard (5 stars)

“You forged this crown yourself – now wear it. Or don’t.”


War Storm (Red Queen #4) by Victoria Aveyard

Genre: YA, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi -dystopian

Rating: 4/5 stars


(DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my opinion only.)

After another betrayal, Mare has steeled her heart and focuses on the impending war and to secure freedom for the Reds and her fellow Newbloods. She has team up with the boy who broke her heart to fight against the boy who almost broke her. The storm is coming and not everyone is going to survive.

All the books take place right after the events of the previous book (So I suggest to binge this series).

The betrayal at the ending of the third book, leading into this book literally made me cry. Like I was sobbing my eyes out at it. My heart was thrumming and I was so afraid to carry on with this book knowing that this would be the end. By this book, I was so prepared for Mare to become the Red Queen by herself, LOL. (The tension between Cal and Mare was killing me in this book, but it made quite a few funny moments.)

Although Iris was a relatively newer character than the rest, I actually liked her! She’s scheming, mysterious and patient, waiting for the right moment to strike.

If the third book was considered breaking my heart, this book smashed it and tossed the pieces out of a 100 storey building.

I was actually hoping for an extremely dramatic finale, maybe I kinda expected a little too much? When the finale hit and choices are made, wow, I cried like there was no tomorrow. I also wished that there was a more together and cohesive ending though. But I was so grateful about Cal’s decisions in this book.

This book was emotional, crazy, dramatic and it broke my heart. BUT I LOVE IT! Immediately after I finished this book, my heart felt really empty, as though I had lost a very good friend.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts and opinions? Leave a comment down below! 🙂

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Book review: King’s Cage (Red Queen #3) by Victoria Aveyard (4 stars)

“Monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid.”


King’s Cage (Red Queen #3) by Victoria Aveyard

Genre: YA, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi -dystopian

Rating: 4/5 stars


(DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my opinion only.)

Mare is now a prisoner of King Maven, the boy King who mind has been clouded by his mother’s upbringing. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Guard lurks and plans, Cal, who is determined to get Mare back, works with them.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Cameron. And it scares me that there is so much of Elara that still resides in Maven.

To be even more honest, I never felt that Mare actually liked Maven. To me, it felt more like it was because she understood him and pitied him since the two of them were in the same situation. Cal not picking a side annoys me to no end, but at least he’s loyal to Mare, right?

The moment the Scarlet Guard stormed through the place, I literally cried because I was so happy that they came to take Mare back. I really disliked Anabel since she was so insistent on making Cal the King.

The ending of this book left me in tears and it tore my heart out. It was dramatic, intense and insane, definitely a whirlwind of a ride.

(I just went to read my notes on the previous time when I read this book and I literally said exactly the same thing, OMG)

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts and opinions? Leave a comment down below! 🙂

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Book review: Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard (3 stars)

“I see you as you could become, no longer the lightning, but the storm.”


Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard

Genre: YA, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi -dystopian

Rating: 3/5 stars


(DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my opinion only.)

Mare is of Red blood, but having lightning powers makes her a pawn that the Silver court wants to control. After horrific betrayals, Mare realises that she isn’t the only one of her kind, being chased by Maven, she hunts down those like her, possibly leading herself down the path of becoming a monster.

Takes place right after the first book, Cal is horribly treated by the Scarlet Guard since he is Silver. In this second book, I was genuinely worried about how this series would end (especially worried that it was going to be like the Grisha series).

Majority of this book is spend recruiting newbloods and planning their route of attack.

I really emphatized with Cal in this book, he doesn’t want to hurt Silvers since they’re his kind, but they betrayed him. He was raised as a soldier and killing machine to slay the reds.

The relationship between Mare, Cal and Maven reminded me of Yona, Hak and Soo-Won from Akatasuki no Yona (anime). I was totally shipping Shade and Farley.

By the end of the book, we see Mare’s character arc differ from the first one, now, she’s down spiralling and realises that she may be turning into what she fears most, a heartless and manipulative monster.

I definitely preferred the first book, but this 2nd book did help to set up and build the story up for the next one.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts and opinions? Leave a comment down below! 🙂

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