‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Review

Unlike a lot of my other reviews where I usually start off with the series’s genre, number of episodes/seasons before rambling on about the rest of the review, I wanted to start this one off a different way.

I binged-watched Voltron: Legendary defender in the matter of less than a week, and I must say, I have fallen head over heels with this cartoon. I never watched the original one (it wasn’t a thing in my country), but I was glad that there was a remake, because if not I would never have watched this cartoon.

I mainly like cartoons that are pretty romance-centric like Miraculous Ladybug, Star vs the forces of evil, Tangled: the series and etc… But Voltron: Legendary Defender didn’t actually have much of that and it wasn’t romance-centric at all. I fell in love with the characters and the plot of this cartoon and even after a few days, heck, for the rest of my life, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this cartoon, that was how inspirational and how in love I was with it.

So even before I start the review, I’m just going to ask fans of sci-fi and adventure genres and those who like friendship-centric shows to definitely give this series a go!

It ripped my heart out and sew it back, and before I knew it, it ripped my heart out again, tossed it into a black hole before my heart worm-holed back to me. So, I was practically and basically a mess of tears.

*May contain some spoilers, but I’m trying my best to review all seasons without any spoilers. So there may be mention of names and revelations but not in detail, of course.


Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Sci-fi, adventure

Number of seasons/episodes: 7 seasons (Last one underway) and around 6/13 episodes per season

Rating: 5 stars (If I could, I would give all the stars in the universe to this show)



When a pilot returns from a mission gone awry, four Earth teens- Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are sucked into a different world where they have to defend the universe against an evil alien force known as the Galra Empire who wants to take over the entire universe.

Season 1

Lance, Hunk and Pidge are students at the Garrison and their safety is compromised when an alien spaceship lands on Earth. They find a pilot who was claimed to be missing (Shiro) and together, they become Paladins to go to find the Lions of Voltron, enlisting the help of Princess Allura and Coran.

This cartoon gave me serious Avatar: The last airbender vibes! Almost like if you sent the Power rangers after Thanos with an army plus elements from Zak Storm.

My favourites would be Allura and Keith, but personality wise, I would click with Pidge. Shiro being such an older brother was hilarious. I love that Allura is really selfless and brave while Keith is such an emo kid who struggles to talk about his feelings😂 (This is so me)
Voltron Keith GIF - Voltron Keith GIFs

The comedy was pretty funny as well. I love that there were obstacles and they couldn’t immediately form Voltron properly. I love that Shiro’s mysterious past ended up helping them. I love that the circumstances force them to make the best decisions despite it being the hardest one.

Good message about hope and not giving up even though all hope seems lost. The ending was a cliff-hanger that hooked you immediately!

Season 2

We see more about how Shiro managed to escape the clutches of Zarkon. We also find out about the Blade of Marmora, a rebellion group wanting to take down the Galra Empire.

Shiro really shows off more of his leadership in this season, showing us that the Black lion indeed did choose the leader of Voltron well. We find out some revelations about Keith as well, getting a glimpse between the brotherly relationship between the two.

 Shiro Hug GIF - Shiro Hug Keith GIFs

Majority of this season, I was frustrated that Keith didn’t talk to Shiro more, but I really understood that as well, being someone who is unable to talk about my feelings much.

I love that you think the stakes can never get higher, but they always do. Something else always seems to come along and make things worse, as though the universe is waiting for the perfect time to send something to kill them.

At the end of this season, we are introduced to Prince Lotor, Zarkon’s son.

Prince Lotar GIF - Prince Lotar Voltron GIFs


Season 3

Basically in this season, I fell in love with Prince Lotor 😂 He’s a skilled fighter and charismatic! It’s no doubt you can see why he is Zarkon’s son.
Slash GIF - Voltron Slash VoltronLegendaryDefende GIFs

Keith is forced to take up leadership, but it’s not a very good sight to see. His personality shows in his leadership and it definitely needs work since he rashly makes decisions.

For a show that doesn’t have romance, the characters and story really kept me drawn in.

We learn more about the history of the original Paladins and how they and Voltron came to be.


Season 4

Keith struggles in maintaining leadership and being there for the team as he steps up to join the Blade of Marmora.

This season was me mainly missing Keith. (This gif is basically me)

Keith Vld GIF - Keith Vld Voltron GIFs

We follow Pidge’s story mainly, but also see Lotor redeeming himself in this season. The broadened Voltron coalition is working together.

Season 5

This season was me basically screaming that the episodes feel shorter since I’ve fallen in love with the show after the first season and keep wanting to see more of their antics.

Lotor is such a good actor and manipulator, I love him as a villain though. By this point, I really actually liked him (Of course I like Keith more) but Lotor is coming in a close second.

I did feel that they should have kept in more contact with the blade of marmora so that they both know what is going on.

Dazzle Razzle GIF - Dazzle Razzle Voltron GIFs

– Random gif of Lance doing his ‘razzle dazzle’ (I just wanted more gifs so that you don’t get bored reading my review)


Season 6

Something seems to be wrong with Shiro and the Paladins work with Lotor to secure the Galra empire.  Allura and Lotor get along in this season, possibly leading to something more. We are introduced to Romelle in this season.

The RPG episode was fun, but I wanted to see Keith too T.T

In this season, we can see why Shiro means so much to Keith after a series of flashbacks.

And it ends with the Paladins finally returning to Earth.

Season 7

We see even more flashbacks of the relationship between Shiro and Keith and how Shiro saw Keith’s potential and despite him being emo and a rule-breaker, he gives him a chance.

Prior to leaving for Kerberos, Shiro actually had a boyfriend named Adam! (I’ll talk more about this at the end of the review).

I love that we get to see Keith’s leadership again and how he’s becoming such a good leader as compared to the earlier episodes! I need a teleporting wolf too😂

The filler episode of the TV show had me dying😂 Seeing the Galra family like that was weird, but kinda nice too?

This season definitely brought the build up needed emotionally! Commander Holt and his wife low-key saved Earth!

My heart was already torn by season 6, and season 7 ripped it out and tossed it into the void. I waited a few days before returning to watch this season because I really didn’t want it to end. I really cried for Hunk’s motivations and story in this season.

Excited and worried for season 8. As someone who loves romance, I actually don’t want to see any couples, TBH, I just want them to focus on saving the universe. (Maybe I’m just salty because my ship wouldn’t be true😂)


Talking about ships:

I heard a ton of toxic stuff about the ships in the fandom, but I would like to say that everyone can ship who they want to ship. I respect that everyone has different ships you would ship, even if I don’t like them. So this point leads me to the next part of my post explaining why I’m not a fan of certain ships.

Okay, I mainly ship Kellura (Keith X Allura), and I know that a lot of people actually don’t support this ship and that’s cool. (Here’s my favourite scene for this ship though) This is the least possibility of coming true (but just let me dream).
Voltron Keith GIF - Voltron Keith Allura GIFs

Okay, back to Shiro and Adam! Unfortunately (SPOILER ALERT) Adam dies relatively quickly after being introduced and dashes our hopes of having a happy reunion with Shiro. I was actually happy to find out about Shiro’s ex-boyfriend and was one of those who actually wanted them to rekindle their relationship, so I was definitely disappointed. Also I think a death wasn’t the best way to handle things. It was definitely good representation, but probably not the best way to handle things.

Moving on to why I don’t ship Allurance (Allura and Lance), is because it seemed like Allura only payed more attention/ realised lance’s potential AFTER Lotor dumped her and I think Lance deserves better, not saying that Allura doesn’t deserve better, because I love her as a character too. I just feel that they need more development (more than the last season can provide) before this relationship becomes more believable (to me).

I apologize in advance to fans, but I definitely do not ship Axca and Keith because Keith doesn’t even look interested in her (in that way) and we barely know anything about Axca. It just dropped like a bomb without any build up (even the last season won’t be able to rectify it).

Instead, I feel that since we started without ships, we should end it without any ships and focus on the ‘family’ route, meaning that we finish with friendship. Don’t get me wrong, after everything the characters have been through, I want them to be freaking happy, so happy until the whole universe can see it, but I do think that all of them remaining friends would be the best solution. I think they should focus on the friendships forged while they battled the Galra as voltron, I mean the show started off like that and I think ending it like that would be more impactful than a ton of forced relationships

Have you watched this cartoon before? Let me know some of your favourite cartoons in the comments down below!

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  1. Paper Procrastinators says:

    I skimmed through your recap of the later seasons because I started this show agesss ago and only watched the first few seasons, and then I was waiting for the next season and never continued. But your post is reminding me how much I loved the show! I really should continue with it!

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